Top of Your Game

3 Tips for Being at the Top of Your Game on Cougar Dating Sites

A cougar isn’t just any woman. She has to be over 40, hot and yearning for a younger man. They can be found prowling the bars and clubs where young guys hang out, or on cougar dating sites, browsing the profiles for fresh meat.

And while these ladies are generally experienced and know what they’re doing, not every guy knows how to approach and interact with them, especially online on cougar dating sites. That’s why we’re here to bring you the top three tips for being at the top of your game while trying to meet cougars on the internet.

1. What Do You Want?

Before you do anything, before you even register on a dating site, you need to answer one simple question: what do you want? Actually, it only sounds simple, but in reality it has more than one layer and it defines every step you take from there on out.

The thing you want doesn’t have to be limited to a type of relationship. Sure, you should determine whether you’re in for a quick fling or for a full-blown romantic relationship, but that’s not everything you need to decide before joining a dating site. What are you looking for in a cougar? Do you want to chase one around or do you want them coming to you?

We can list more questions here, but you get the point. Knowing these things beforehand is crucial for your success, as it will shape your experience as a whole. On the other hand, not knowing what you want can only result in one of two things: either you get bored quickly because nothing interests you too much or everything interests you a lot which leads to you being overwhelmed and running away scared.

2. See the Age Gap for What It Is

Like we’ve said before, cougars will only look for men much younger than them. With that being said, an age gap between you and your cougar partner will always exists – but it’s up to you to know how to deal with it.

First off, don’t address that gap too often. She knows she’s older than you but she doesn’t want to be reminded about it every two minutes. Secondly, the age difference between you two shouldn’t be ignored, either. There’s no denying it or turning a blind eye. Just acknowledge it, show that you understand what it means and move on.

3. Don’t Give Up

It’s great that you can just look for a partner (cougar or otherwise) from the comfort of your home thanks to online dating, isn’t it? And while this phenomenon has its advantages over traditional dating, it’s still can’t rid itself of that one menacing flaw – rejection.

You’re bound to get rejected here and there. Online dating sites have thousands upon thousands of users nowadays, which means there’s a good chance that people will get rejected by others, but also that good matches aren’t lacking. Therefore, try to focus on the positive side no matter how many times you get a “no” and keep going until that perfect cougar tells you “yes.”