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7 Best Instagram Accounts for Memes

Because everybody deserves a good laugh. Period.

Best Instagram Accounts

We’re pretty sure that you news feed is literally packed with cute babies, mouth-watering meals that are being posted regularly for the reasons unknown, as well as with various ego tripping personas you’ve might decided to follow at some point, just to return them a favor because following someone back counts as polite in digitally civilized world nowadays. Or, they are your cousin and you didn’t want to hurt their feelings and rather decided to hit the “follow” button even though you knew that agony waited just around the corner. Either way, the chance are that by now you’ve realized that you’re the one who ended being hurt because you’re practically condemned to watch their selfies every single day. Yeah, the struggle is real but there is also a cure to prevent otherwise irreversible brain damage.

Namely, there are thousands of meme accounts on the Instagram, and the chances are pretty high that you’ve already being tagged on some of their posts regularly by some of your dottier friends. You lucky bastard! Alas, there are so many of us who still haven’t discovered this side of the Internet. So, if you belong to latter, make sure to check out what are in our opinion 7 best Instagram accounts for meme at the moment. And hitting follow button won’t hurt at all, we promise!

#1 Lola Tash and Nicole Argiris – @mytherapistsays

Laura in Nicole managed to create one of the top Instagram accounts in the meme niche, which is backed up by the fact they already have 2.2 million followers worldwide. These ladies indeed know how to make one laugh and their memes are packed with pop culture references that awaken admiration and giggles likewise.

So innovative! @mystylesays

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#2 Betches – @betches

If you’re looking for an account that compiles memes, funny tweets and more, than Betches might be your cup of tea. Here, you will discover memes that go all the way from subtle to parky, which tells us that the guys behind Betches are very familiar with the diversity of their audience. Not to mention that their posts create humongous engagement. In the end, we can only add that they have 5.7 million followers.

#3 Jessica Anteby – @beigecardigan

This New York City based stylist and owner of website posts frisky memes that can be applied to various real life situations and she also flirts with dark humor and changes in political climate occasionally (yep, this is practically an inexhaustible source of inspiration, regardless of where you live and Jess knows all about it).

Well played

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#4 Elliot Tebele – @fuckjerry

Well, Eliot is Jessica’s boyfriend but also has some damn fine memes on his Instagram page. He also posts funny tweets, screenshots and other sources of laughter that will certainly make you say: omg it happened to me too!

***the only good thing but good enough reason to live there for sure.

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#5 Tank Sinatra – @tank.sinatra

Yeah, you’ve read that well – it’s not Frank, it is Tank and he’s gonna sweep you off your feet with his awesome humor. He calls himself a master meme creator and a considerable fandom that counts more than one million followers certainly approves his style.

Former child stars anonymous

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#6 Sarah Andersen – @sarahandersencomics

Sarah is an incredibly talented artist whose works have attracted more than 1.5 million followers at the present. Her drawing style is funny and a bit minimalist which come as a perfect addition to her writing which is short, sweet and to the point. Well done!
#7 Claudia Oshry – @girlwithnojob

Okay, so she might describe herself as a girl with no job but we couldn’t help but notice that Claudia lies. Yes, that’s right, because she actually DOES an amazing job by helping people get their daily dose of humor by running her awesome Instagram account that celebrates laughter. We’d say it’s about high time to update that bio section.

Help, it's an emergency. I'm poor lol ➡️➡️ @claudwithnojob

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What do you think of our list? Besides that we’ve forgotten to mention @9gag? Feel free to comment in a section below!