Things You Will Learn

8 Things You Will Learn From Disabled Dating

Although many people don’t feel comfortable about dating a disabled person, it can be a life altering experience. It will surely enrich your life and make you look at the world in a different way. However, you have to keep your mind open.

After a while disabled dating becomes the same as having a relationship with an able bodied person. It may take you a little time to get used to the situation, but soon enough the wheelchair “disappears” and you are dealing with everyday relationship stuff. Here are some things you will learn from dating a disabled person.

People stare

You will receive all kinds of looks. Some are pity stares, some are curious and some are just downright rude. Never pay attention to them. Be confident about your relationship and show your partner that the only opinion you care about is theirs.

Every story is different

All spinal cord injuries and people in chairs are different. Just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they are paralyzed from the waist down. Each injury level or disease is unique.

More places than you realize aren’t wheelchair accessible

Next time you get out of your house look around you. You will see that many stairs are without ramps, many curbs are without openings and many bars only have high tables.

People in wheelchair can have skin issues

Because they have limited or zero sensation, they are rarely aware of cuts, bruises and sores. They can hurt themselves really bad and not even know it. If they don’t notice it on time a simple skin issue could be critical and lead to a hospital visit.

They can do anything on their own

Unless they say otherwise. When you meet a person on one of the disabled dating sites, keep in mind that you are not doing them a favor by asking them out on a date and that they don’t need your pity. People in wheelchairs tend to get very frustrated when people help them do things that they can do themselves like open the door, or put their chair in their vehicle. When dating disabled singles never assume that they cannot do something themselves.

It is OK to break up with disabled person

You will make the situation worse by staying in a bad relationship just because your partner is in a wheelchair. It is completely fine if it doesn’t work out. A relationship is a relationship and no one should feel pressured to continue one just because of partner’s disability.

You shouldn’t sweat the small stuff

Having a disability can be rather stressful. This is why people in wheelchairs learn early not to let their stress levels get too high. They learn to prioritize what is really worth their time.

You don’t have to fit everywhere

When you have a disability, fitting in with the “in” crowd is unfortunately impossible. However, they you realize that you don’t need to fit in anywhere to feel good about yourself.