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Become An Expert In Biker Dating: 5 Things You Must Know About Bikers

If you thought that hooking up with a biker is easy, think again. These guys are looking for a special kind of girl, and if you want to be with them, you have to fit into that profile. Maybe you will need to change some things, maybe you won’t. Read the list bellow and find out.

Being friends with a biker is the easiest thing in the world. These guys are friendly and love to talk to people, especially about bikes. However, biker dating is something completely different. If you want to be with a motorcycle guy, you will need to follow some rules. Here are some tips how you can dazzle your biker.

You have to listen

Chatting on biker dating sites is one thing, but when you are on a real date, you have to pay attention to him. Biker guys love when the girl shows she respects them. Keep your eyes and ears open and listen to what he has to say. Try to remember some details which seem important to him. If you mention them later on he will be impressed and you will be off to the date number two. You don’t have to treat him like a king or kiss his feet, but some common courtesy is required.

Act like a lady

If you do not agree with him, do not start a fight. Calmly explain to him your point of view and listen to his arguments. Maybe you lead different lifestyles, but it doesn’t mean yours is better and vice versa. Act like a lady, try not to swear (too much) and be feminine. But if you can chug a whole bear in under 30 seconds, feel free to show him that. He will be impressed.

Be honest

Don’t act like a know-it-all, especially about bikes. He won’t think less of you if you don’t know something. Feel free to ask him anything about his motorcycle. He will love it that you are taking interest in his lifestyle and gladly explain everything you want to know. If you lie about something, sooner or later he will find out and your love life will fly out the window.

Don’t be clingy

Bikers love their freedom. They love the open road where there is nothing besides them and their bike. If you are into motorcycle dating, let you guy ride his bike whenever he wants to. Sometimes he will take you along with him, sometimes you will have to find something else to do. Don’t nag him about his rides, he won’t tolerate that.

Be friendly

They don’t want a girl who will sit in the corner typing messages on her cell phone. They want to be with someone who will like their lifestyle as well as their friends. Be confident and meet his biker buddies. If you are worried you don’t share any common interests with them, learn something about bikes. Or better yet, ask your guy to teach you. He will love that you are making an effort.