cheating wives

Cheating Wives – Bored Wives? 5 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do married women cheat just because they’re bored or are there other reasons? In order to explain a little bit better why women cheat on their husbands we decided to pick out these 5 most common reasons. See if you can relate.

cheating wives

People cheat on their significant others, that’s not something new, but there are many different reasons why some people choose to cross that line. Some of those reasons are actually pretty valid and logical, but however justified cheating might be, it’s still a wrong thing to do. On the other hand, we’re not here to judge anyone, we’re here to provide you with the list of reasons why married people cheat on their partners. Today, we’re going to focus on cheating wives and tell you the 5 most common reasons why married women cheat on their husbands.


Most people are pretty vindictive and being cheated on is definitely a good enough reason for revenge. Women are highly emotional creatures and when their husbands cheat on them it causes a lot of irreversible damage. So, sometimes the only way for them to get even is to do the exact same thing – cheat. Now, that may not be the healthiest approach, since causing more pain is definitely not the answer, but some women simply have to have that revenge.

Absence Of Intimacy In The Marriage

When it comes to wives, cheating almost always happens for a reason and lack of intimacy is, by far, one of the most common reasons why women decide to cheat on their significant others. Being in a marriage means spending time together and sharing many intimate moments. Life partners are supposed to be in touch both emotionally and physically. When a woman doesn’t feel loved or wanted by her husband, she usually looks for intimacy elsewhere. Most likely in the arms of another man.

Unfulfilling Sex Life

Lack of emotional intimacy may seem much more serious, but bad sex life can also be quite damaging for a marriage. When sex with their husbands is simply not good enough, plenty of married women tend to seek satisfaction somewhere else and that’s why they engage in passionate affairs. It’s a wrong thing to do, but some wives simply don’t know how to deal with these problems and the only way they can move on is by cheating on their partners.

Feeling Of Insecurity

When women have low self-esteem they tend to seek some sort of validation and comfort from others. In those moments of crisis, women usually look for a stranger’s opinion and admiration. That’s when they cross the line and cheat on their husbands. This reassurance or validation doesn’t have to be sexual necessarily. It can also be emotional and intellectual.


It sounds incredible but married women do cheat on their partners simply because they’re bored. This is the case with long-lasting marriages where there’s no more passion, creativity, and attraction. When a couple gets into a same old routine, a woman simply needs to go out and find herself something and someone more interesting. It’s wrong, but it’s also natural and logical. Therefore, couples need to work on their marriage. They need to be more spontaneous and passionate in order to prevent these things from happening.