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Check Out These Famous Ladies Who Dated Much Younger Men And You Will Want To Meet A Cougar

For some reason if older guys date younger women, that is perfectly socially acceptable. However, when women find themselves younger guys, they are immediately cougars who need a young hunk to boost their self-esteem. Women who date younger men are often in the center of attention, especially if they are famous. Before you go ahead and meet a cougar, go through this list and see who celebrity cougars are.

Julianne Moore

This redhead beauty is older than her husband nine years. Director Bart Freundlich and his gorgeous wife got together in 1996, but got married seven years later. They say that age is not an issue, and after all those years we believe them. Julianne is a vibrant and sexy woman, so who can blame her husband for putting a ring on it?

Mariah Carey

The famous diva Mariah Carey was married to Nick Cannon for eight years before they got divorced last year.  He is ten years younger than her, and she absolutely adored his sense of humor. So much, in fact, that they got married only six weeks after they met. So guys, when you meet cougars bring your A game and be funny and charming. It will win them over, we are sure.

Demi Moore

This is one of the most famous cougar coupling of the modern age. Of course, we are talking about Demi and Ashton. They married in 2005, and split in 2011. Demi was older than him 15 years. Like we all know Ashton later married his That 70s show co-star Mila Kunis.

Robin Wright

Robin Wright was engaged to 15 years younger actor Ben Foster. You might know him from X-Men: The Last Stand, Inferno or the Warcraft. She called Ben an old soul, and even joked that she felt like the younger one.  If you want to date a cougar, act mature, not needy and childish. Unfortunately, the couple split in 2015.

Jennifer Lopez

After she divorced her third husband Marc Anthony, J. Lo hooked up with Casper, one of her much younger backup dancers. He is 18 years younger than her, to be exact. Everyone assumed he was just a rebound guy, but the couple stayed together for a few years.

Kathy Griffin

The 57-year-old comedian and her 19 years younger marketing manager  Randy Bick have been an item since meeting at a Los Angeles food festival in 2012.  She loves that he isn’t a fan of the spotlight and being famous.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is also on this list, and no one can blame her. This sexy actress is a star of many fantasies, even now. She met Argentine model Martin Mica at a Vogue party in 2012, and they have dated for a while. He is 28 years younger than her, but who cares. It’s Sharon Stone for crying out loud.