The How’s and Why’s

Cougar Dating – The How’s and Why’s

It’s not easy being a cougar. You have to look good well past your prime age as a woman and you have to be able to snatch a younger man. But it’s even harder when you’re into cougar dating. As a younger man, there is no clear formula for you to date and be with a cougar successfully.

Whether you use cougar dating sites or you regularly hang out at places where cougars can be found, here are few tips which will explain how you should behave and why.

Set Your Goals Straight

Before doing anything, be that registering on a dating website or approaching a cougar for the first time, you need to determine what you actually want. This doesn’t mean you should only understand what kind of relationship you are looking for, but also which qualities do you need your perfect cougar to have.

This is important for a number of reasons, with the most important one being making your search that much easier. It can be really difficult to find a great cougar if you don’t what she’s supposed to look like (both literally and figuratively). Furthermore, not determining your goals can hold you back in your hunt, mostly because not having a clear target usually leads to getting bored or overwhelmed.

So, before you do anything, sit down with yourself and try to figure out if you want a serious relationship or a hookup, and if you want your cougar to be introverted, extroverted, shy, determined, funny and so on.

The Age Gap

There are many things that will differentiate you from a cougar you’re dating (apart from the fact that you’re the opposite sex from her, obviously), but the most important factor, by far, is the age gap. Nobody can deny its existence, but only smart guys know how to handle it properly.

Don’t think for a second that any cougar ever forgets that she’s older than the man she’s dating – they are all very aware of it and will make sure you don’t forget about it, either. The best way to approach this matter is to avoid talking about it, yet to acknowledge it at the same time.

Simply put, you should never force an open discussion about the age gap between you and the cougar you’re dating, but you most definitely should remember it in situations where you’re talking about past experiences or knowledge.

Never Step Down

Cougars can be pretty hard to catch, no argument there. They are prone to rejecting men left and right, which is exactly why you shouldn’t give up until you find the perfect one for you.

It’s an enormous sea full of cougar fish out there and seeing as being rejected doesn’t necessarily mean that you should just step down and quit, the best way to go about your way after being rejected is to just keep looking until you find the right one. You’ll learn something each time you get a “no.”