Cougars 101

Cougars 101

Hello dear students, today we go through the introduction to cougars. This short course will help you understand what are cougars, where to find them and how to date them. With many cougar dating sites on your disposal and with our guidance, you will find yourself in a more than pleasant company, in no time.

The cougar phenomenon.

This slang term cougar refers to a woman in her 40’s or older, which has a taste for youthful men. In such a relationship the man is often called a “cub”, as he is younger and has a lot to learn. The stereotyping could describe them as divorced, middle-aged females who pursuit younger males in order to form a non commitment, physical relationship. But that’s the stereotypes. The term itself applies to all women in that age range who has or prefers a younger partner, regardless of the relationship arrangement.

Revolution of the cougar.

Some experts find that, as women no longer financially depend on men, and don’t commit themselves to be exclusively housewives and babysitters, this cougar revolution was bound to happen. Women just like to explore all the options available and the lifestyle today is more liberal than before, allowing the cougars to roam free and revel in all that catches their eye.

Why the younger men?

Well, the answers to that are quite simple and obvious. Young men are just good looking and fit, they make their cougar ladies feel younger while simultaneously being mature enough not to bore her. But it basically comes down to sex. “Cubs” are muscular and vigorous, open to experimentation, have more energy and endurance which all lead to superb sex.

Approaching the cougar.

When you meet a cougar, there are some things you’ll want to take into consideration. There is an age difference, it might be good not to bring it up a lot. She is playing it cool, but have no doubt that she is aware that you are significantly younger. Money usually isn’t a problem, as she is presumably already more accomplished than you, there is no need to jump at the check in order to impress or flaunt you shiny wallet to make her like feel like an eighteen year old girl, on a first grownup fancy restaurant date. Every woman needs to feel desired, so put all your focus on her. Follow her body language as the cougar skillfully points you at the right direction and allows you to seduce her.

Keeping her interested.

Keep in mind that this woman across you knows what she wants. She is intelligent, mature, pickier that your average college girl and a lot smarter than you presume. When you date a cougar, you’ll want to bring you a game and be able to keep the conversation going, wisely and maturely. No knock-knock jokes, yo mama jokes, stupid pick up lines or “dude” and “awesome”. Although they are looking for fun and energy youth brings, every woman appreciates a gentleman. So hold the door, pull the chair, make eye contact, be confident and bold.