3 easy Steps

Date a Cowboy in 3 easy Steps

There are some things that never go out of fashion and ruggedness and masculinity are certainly some of them. And these are what make a today’s cowboy an embodiment of traditional values and classic handsomeness that every woman has a weak spot for. Yet, you might be afraid that these qualities are rare to find but the future is brighter than you think. You can actually date a cowboy as easy as 1,2,3. That’s right, we have three essential tips for you ladies, so roll your sleeves up and start reading immediately.

3 easy Steps

Tip #1 Make Sure to Know What are Your Expectations First

Okay, first things first. This is a great moment to reconsider whether you truly want to find a western match or you’re just attracted to an image of cowboy, without actually realizing how a relationship with one really looks like. And while it’s perfectly okay to not worry too much, especially if you’re on a lookout for a casual encounter of two, you should still keep in mind that a long-term relationship with a cowboy understands that the two of you share the same tastes, preferences and views on life. If you act too much as a citygirl he might not take you seriously. You must be fully comfortable with the country lifestyle, down to earth and ready to indulge in all little things that make everyday life unique and beautiful.

Tip #2 You have to enjoy Countryside

Country dating is an extraordinary experience indeed. Still, it comes with the price. If you’re accustomed to go to fine cuisine restaurants, fancy night clubs or shopping malls, we’re afraid this might not be the right thing for you. Instead, you can expect homemade dinners cooked from domestic ingredients which are most likely obtained on their own farm or something similar, same as romantic one on one encounters under the starry skies in the middle of nowhere. Not so bad, huh?

Tip #3 Be Yourself

Nobody likes the self-pretentious pricks, and this is true. You should, however, demonstrate a healthy dose of self-confidence as well as healthy and positive approach to life in general. Bear in mind that majority of cowboys are working their asses off on a daily basis and are still finding time to enjoy everything everything life has to offer. They prefer gals who are enthusiastic about the nature, life and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty if the situation says so. On the other hand, they will respect your femininity and, more importantly, will encourage you to nurture it. Their momma taught the everything about good manners and they will treat you with all due respect all the time.

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