Tips For Online Dating

Dating For Disabled 101: Top 3 Tips For Online Dating

Dating has become easier over the past decade. You don’t have to count on your friends to set you up with someone, you don’t have to spend a significant amount of money going from bar to bar and meeting strangers. Book clubs or various group activities are great for meeting new people, but there are no guaranties you will meet someone you click with. Online dating is easy, cheep, and you don’t even have to leave your home. However, Internet has its down sides, so here are some things you should pay attention to.

Dating for disabled has its own rules you have to follow if you want to find that special someone. You have to know how to keep yourself safe and also how to chat with a person without offending them. Of course, no two people on this planet are alike, but here are some general guidelines which will help you navigate through the dating process and have a positive experience.

Keep your eyes open

Internet is crawling with con artists. Unfortunately, many of them are lurking on free disabled dating sites looking for their next victim. Why is that? People are sympathetic towards handicapped people. All these scammers need to do is tell their (fake) sad life story to someone and ask for some money. They usually need it for surgery, medical devices or plane tickets. People feel sorry for them so they transfer them some from their account. Next thing they know, their bank account has been whipped clean and their faith in humanity has been shattered to pieces. So, if someone contacts you and immediately starts complaining about their condition (and asks you for some money), better think twice before you decide to become a good Samaritan. Never give your account number or your credit card number to the person you have never met face to face. That is just common sense.

Focusing on the handicap

Disabled singles have special needs and that is a fact, but that doesn’t mean you should give them a special treatment. Most of handicapped people hate focusing on their disability and don’t make it the center of their lives, so neither should you. Don’t focus on the wheelchair, rather see the person who is sitting in it. They have their own unique personality, interests, likes and dislikes, so talk to them about those. Treat them like you would any other person, and they will be grateful. Many of them will feel uncomfortable if you try to help them with something they are capable of doing on their own. So to be on the safe side, never offer your assistance until they ask for help. They will feel more confident around you, and you won’t offend them with your gesture.

Don’t be lazy

This generally goes for all dating sites. If you have decided to meet someone special online, be proactive. Don’t just sit around waiting for someone to message you. Go through people’s biographies and see who seems interesting to you. If you randomly choose several profiles, you will just waste your time talking to people who probably have nothing in common with you.