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Dating Sites Helped Me Get Over My Wife’s Death

My wife and I were happily married for fifteen years and throughout that time we had been inseparable, true soulmates. She is the love of my life and she always will be. Sadly, she died in a car accident four years ago when she was coming back home from work. When I got the news I was devastated. I couldn’t eat or sleep for weeks. She was my everything and I lost her so quickly. In one brief unfortunate moment, my life changed forever. We couldn’t have kids, so at that time I was completely alone in our house, surrounded by memories and empty space. I’m not going to lie, I thought about taking my own life a few times, but I know she would have wanted me to move on somehow, and I refused to take the easy way out. A few months after her death I decided to get back to work, and at least try to get my life back in order.

People at work were incredibly supportive and full of empathy which helped me continue doing my job without skipping a beat. Their support meant so much to me at the time that I didn’t want to leave the office at the end of the work day because I knew I was coming back to an empty house. Two years after the accident I somehow managed to put my life back together, but I was still tremendously sad and depressed. My closest friends noticed how lonely I was back then and tried to set me up with a couple of single, middle-aged women, but it simply didn’t work out. Those women knew about my late wife and for some reason, they tried to replace her, but I just couldn’t let that happen. I could make room for someone new, but no one could ever take her place. After those failed attempts, my co-worker John suggested I try online dating. Honestly, I had never imagined myself on a dating site, but back then, I had nothing left to lose, I simply had to try something new.

So, one evening after work, I sat down in front of my laptop and started searching for the best matchmaking site for me. I browsed the web for hours and I couldn’t find anything remotely interesting to me. Then, just as I planned to call it a night and go to sleep, I stumbled upon a rather cool dating site and I signed up. I don’t know why, but I felt attracted to it from the very first moment, so I created a profile and started searching for a companion. After a few days I stumbled upon an interesting profile and I worked up the courage to send a message to this gorgeous middle-aged woman. One day later, she replied and it made me really happy. We had so much in common and I knew there was a good chance for us to connect on a deeper level. We couldn’t stop texting each other for days, we were like two teenager. We shared the same taste in music, movies, and TV shows. It was the perfect distraction from my dark thoughts. Ten days later we decided to meet in person.

The first date went incredibly well and soon after that we met again. This woman understood my situation perfectly. She had never tried to replace my late wife and I liked that very much. She brought something new and fresh into my life and I started to fall in love with her. Depression and stress were gone and I was finally ready to move on with my life. She moved in with me after a year of dating and we’ve been together ever since. Four years ago I was in a very dark and lonely place, but online dating helped me find new hope and I won’t forget that as long as I live. I decided to share my personal story with everyone here on Reality Personals in order to show people there’s always hope, no matter how hopeless you might feel.