How To Get Kik Sex

How To Get Kik Sex Without Being Scammed

Kik, an Ontario-based messaging start-up that has more than 300 million users, most of them teenagers from the US, is one of the most popular messaging apps among the younger population.

Anyone looking for kik sex needs to know that there are two things that could go wrong in this scenario. The first thing is that you could run into minors on the site, so be very careful who you choose for kik sexting as you don’t want to find out that your latest kik fantasy is a 13-year-old boy because that’s just so wrong on so many levels.

The second thing is that you could get scammed by porn bots. Porn bots make up about 1% of the apps message volume, but they manage to scam enough people that their shady activities more than pay off. We’d like to show you how not to be one of those people, and how to get the most out of kik sex.

Tip #1: Don’t Click On Any Shady Links

Porn bots are fake programs that try to entice kik users to click on a link that leads to paid sites. This is one of the ways how scammers monetize their activities. Porn bots will try to lure you to their site by asking you to click on a link that promises tons of porn with dirty talk. Don’t fall for it. Not only will they make money off you by scamming you, but you won’t get any of that kik sex you came to the site for. It’s still not entirely clear where the porn bots are coming from, and security experts believe they are one criminal group, but until they are found and dealt with properly, don’t fall prey to them.

Tip #2: Don’t Give Your Credit Card Information

In addition to leading you to paid sites, porn bots also make money by openly asking for it and people happily giving it to them. Don’t be one of those people. They will lure you to a cam or similar site with nude pictures and a promise of more to come, and ask for your credit card information. They’ll claim it’s only to verify your age because they can’t distribute pornographic material to minors. Although most people will not fall for a scam like this, those who do usually pay between $20 and $80.

Tip #3: Kik Sex Is Free And Always Will Be

If anyone asks for any kind of money for kik sex, don’t give it to them. Kik sexting is free, which is why kik is one of the most popular sexting apps in the country. You’ll find plenty of horny users with flirty usernames looking for the same thing as you – sexting like there is no tomorrow. You can exchange memes, videos and gifs, but don’t exchange credit card information. You can get in on some of the group chat action or choose a single person to sext with, go crazy on the kik sexting forum, and enjoy kik as it was meant to be enjoyed as long as you’re being careful.
Be smart out there and your kik sex will be that much more enjoyable.