Not sure who to follow in Instagram next?

Not sure who to follow in Instagram next? Check out this list!

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there. Almost half a billion people are posting their pictures on it, and following their friends and idols. If you want to expand your Instagram network, but are not sure who to follow next, we have some suggestions.

If you consider yourself an Instagram pro, you are surely following the best Instagram accounts. If you don’t know who is currently leading in the number of followers, just see the list below. You will surely find some new celebrity to “stalk” while you’re having your first cup of coffee.

#10 Kendall Jenner

With almost 80 million followers, this Victoria’s Secret model and reality TV star is the first celebrity on our list. Kim’s younger sister is well aware of her figure, so if you are looking for some half–naked pics, her profile is where you will find them.

#9 Dwayne Johnson

He might be called The Rock, but People magazine’s sexiest man alive is a big softy. If you follow him on Instagram you will see that he post a lot of pictures of his dogs, his family, his work with charities and lots of inspirational captions.

#8 Justin Bieber

Yes, that is really Justin, not Eminem. But we understand why you are confused. He bleached his hair, covered himself in tattoos and isn’t afraid to show it in a bunch of shirtless pictures.

#7 Kylie Jenner

Kylie uses this network to advertise her new lipstick, but also to show her curvy body in a huge number of selfies. Apparently, people love to see her in tight clothes, because this celebrity has 91.1 million followers.

#6 Cristiano Ronaldo

There are not many men in the top Instagram accounts list, but Ronaldo made the cut. His 96.7 million followers can see photos of his family, friends and team which he regularly posts online. Before we forget, there are pictures of him in Speedos. Ladies, you’re welcome.

#5 Kim Kardashian

Like her younger sisters, Kim loves taking selfies. If you love Kim’s curves, add her to your follow list on Instagram.

#4 Beyonce

Beyonce has 99 million followers on Instagram, and she is keeping them up to date with her pregnancy. Maybe it’s her pregnancy glow (and maybe it’s Maybelline) but one thing is for sure – Beyonce looks amazing.

#3 Taylor Swift

Taylor knows that her fans also want to see the human side of her (and not porcelain doll she resembles when she’s all dressed up). So beside videos from her concerts and pics from the photo shoots you can see photos of her in her pajamas or playing with her pets.

#2 Ariana Grande

This singer has 102 million followers. She isn’t using her personal life to get followers on Instagram. Most of the pictures on her account are taken by professional photographers, and there are some pics of the magazines where she is on the cover.

#1 Selena Gomez

Did you guess who has the most Instagram followers? Selena Gomez is the queen of Instagram with her 116 million followers. Wow, that’s a big fan base. Follow her and you will always be up to date with Selena’s life.