interracial relationship

Perks of being in an interracial relationship

Traveling around the world to feel new cultures, see different traditions and taste exotic food is a great way to fulfill your wanderlust. But what if I tell you that all that is possible from the warmth of your home? Interracial love opens many doors to those who love untried things and unusual experiences. Having significant other who comes from a different culture is just as satisfying as traveling around the globe.

Although interracial dating can be hard for those with a thin skin, because of all the judgment, on the other hand it is the best thing that can happen to you. Being with the person you love the most and working on your relationship while getting to learn about their culture and traditions is really life’s greatest pleasure. So, we decided to show all the perks of being in such relationship.

Two sets of holidays!

We all know how great is Christmas. Or Thanksgiving day. Or another holiday in fact. Now imagine double portion of it! Imagine all the food, all the presents, all the excuses for drinking and partying. But responsibly! Although it can be bad for your figure, it is freaking fantastic to be honest. In an interracial relationship it is even more fantastic because you get to try all the traditional holiday dishes.

National kitchen!

Your SO better be a good cook. Not just good, but perfect! If they’re not a good cook they will learn. All those national dishes can’t stay untried. Different tastes can trigger all kinds of feelings. Some of them work as aphrodisiacs and we all know what it means when it comes to bedroom.

Learning new language.

If a person is a speaker of a their native language it’s a great opportunity to learn another language. And not just swears. You could learn Spanish, or Hindi or Chinese and become a worldly-wise man. Learning a new language is never a bad thing. Family of your SO will appreciate your effort and it will be another connection between you and their granny for sure!


Tradition is very important to everyone. Especially for those people who are far away from their own home. If you want them to feel like at home and to be relaxed you should respect their traditions. For you it’s like advanced history lesson. Many traditions have roots in history events that occurred 900-1000 years ago. You can then visit that country and never be afraid of offending someone.

Open mind, open heart.

On the long run you will learn to be more open minded. And with open mind comes open heart. It will do much good to you. More understanding you are, the happier life you will lead. Everyday life is full of judgment and prejudice, and we often don’t even notice that we’re being full of hate or disrespect. This kind of relationships are medicine for problems like these. Understanding our soulmate is a gate to understanding the world.

Interracial relationships are a wonderful way of saying that we’re all the same. That colour of the skin, different religion or tradition, or even beliefs are not the excuses for treating people badly. Kindness is not inherited trait but learnt. And really, it’s not that hard to be nice.