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How to Survive Being Married to a Biker

There’s this rebellious yet attractive vibe that follows biker guys anywhere they go. They often leave a trail of broken hearts anywhere they set their foot in and they usually have a lot of romantic encounters before they finally decide to settle down a have a family. And if you have tried biker dating at some point and actually ended up being married to one, then you probably know it’s not exactly the land of milk and honey. There’s no room for despair though since there are some handy tips and tricks that could actually help you have a harmonious marriage with your motorcycle-loving husband and we’re about to share them with you.

Keep up with him

Bikers aren’t creatures of habit whatsoever. They like to explore the world and live on the open road with nothing but an endless sky above them, and more importantly – they like to do it as often as their free time allows them. This means that if he senses that you aren’t really apt for an adventure, you might as easily end up being at home alone while he’s attending that biker rally event with his buddies from a motorcycle club, without blinking an eye. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you – it’s just that he’s gonna do things that please him, and he’s not gonna ask you always for an approval, especially when it’s about something motorcycle-related because love for bikes runs deep in his veins and makes him a person he is. And if he notices that you’re enthusiastic or at least supportive when it comes to his lifestyle or even better – that you share it, you’d be blessed with a unique and exciting relationship that will only bloom with a passage of time.

Give him space

It seems that couples often forget that in the beginning, they were two persons who – in spite of having numerous things in common that drew them to each other in the first place – still had separate identities. Well, this, unfortunately, changes when two people get married and it can actually be pretty bad for a relationship. That being said, it’s very likely that your biker match is going to enjoy all your mutual rides or other times spent together, but then again he will need some time on his own occasionally, just to clear up his head and renew his energy. On the other hand, you probably also enjoy spending a quality time with your friends or going to movies or spa from time to time but it certainly doesn’t make you a selfish person. Moreover, this is absolutely normal in just about any marriage so you should be able to understand his need for solitude – same as you would want him to understand yours – because you’ve probably noticed that things are always better every time the two of you have enough time to enjoy activities that fulfil you and then get back to each other, refreshed and ready for everything life has in store for you.

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