shouldn’t say during your TS Meet up

Things you definitely shouldn’t say during your TS Meet up

Although we live in a modern society where equality and equal rights are being promoted, some conversation topics and questions are still sensitive and a bit taboo. For example, you wouldn’t ask a disabled person “Hey, how did you lose your leg?” out of the blue, would you? In the same way, there are just some things you should avoid saying during a TS meet up.

Transexual dating can be a great experience if you know what you’re doing. In that name, here are some things that no transgender person wants to hear while on a date.

1. “What was your Name before This One?”

We know that transgender people go through a sex change. We also know that they change their name while at it. However, we should also be aware that they don’t exactly like talking about their past that much.
Asking a TS person about their birth name is just a tad intrusive, but it’s more important to ask them if they even want to discuss their past before you ask them about any information regarding their life prior to the “change.”

2. “Did you Already Have the Operation?”

Speaking of intrusive questions, here’s one that every transgender person hates. If you want to have a great time at your date with a transsexual man or woman, do not – we repeat, do not – ask them if they have had their surgery yet.
This just might be the king (or queen) of inappropriate questions you can ask a transgender date. It’s pretty much the same as walking up to any man and asking him if he’s circumcised or asking a girl if she’s currently on her period.
The surgery talk is indeed necessary if you’re regularly going out with the same person, but it’s not something you should bring up out of the blue. Stay away from this question until you know each other well to go into something so personal.

3. “Wow! You’re Both a Guy and a Girl!”

Now, this is just plain stupid. Being transgender doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has both male and female genitalia, and even if they do, it doesn’t mean you have the right to say something like “you’re so lucky to be able to live both as a boy and a girl.”
Just imagine how uncomfortable you would be if your date would suddenly start talking about what’s going on in your pants for no good reason. If you’re already on a date with a transgender person, it’s implied that you’re enough open-minded and prejudice-free that you don’t patronize your date or treat them like a special snowflake.

With that being said, it’s expected of you not to completely ignore the fact that the person you’re dating is either going or has gone through a sex change, but it is expected that you can be decent enough not to talk about such sensitive things without getting to know the other person well and gaining their trust.