We Will Miss You

We Will Miss You: TV Shows That Are Ending In 2017

Everybody likes and needs some kind of entertainment. Most of us use our spare time to relax by checking out celebrity Snapchats or watching our favorite TV shows. We love the plot twists, we fall for some of the actors, we imagine ourselves as the main character etc.  However, every TV show, much like everything else, must come to an end.  Some of them because of the low ratings, some of them because the story is simply finished and some because of the low budget. Here are some TV shows that we all enjoyed watching that are ending in 2017.


After 12 seasons during which we all followed the FBI agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), Dr. Temperance Bones Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the brilliant team from the Smithsonian solve crimes, deal with criminal masterminds and get involved romantically, it is all coming to an end. Since the show started in 2005, Bones was a huge hit and had amazing ratings. Even a lot of Snapchat celebrities were talking about this show and FOX advertised it on its own Snap profile. After season 6 the ratings started to fall up until the point when it got cancelled.  FOX gave Bones a farewell 12th season which aired this year. No matter why and how it ended, Bones will surely be a TV show missed by a lot of fans.

The Strain

After just 4 seasons, the Strain, a thrilling horror-action TV show is coming to an end this year. The actors in this series did a great job of making the show realistic and keep every viewer on their toes wondering what’s going to happen next in this battle against the virus that is spreading all over the world. In the war against “strigoi”, we followed the characters not only battling the war against evil but also learning about themselves and overcoming their issues. Although it is all over after just 4 seasons, that doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, the series source material is a trilogy of books. The first three seasons combined the first two books and the fourth season adapted the third book.

Hand of God

A show that follows a corrupt judge who believes that God is telling him to lead a life of vigilantism, Hand of God had an interesting plot and a story that could have developed into something good. However the fans were not so pleased by the slow development of the show. This psychological drama featuring the stars Ron Perlman, Garret Dillahunt, Dana Delany, and Alona Tal will end this year after just two seasons. It was advertised by Amazon as the new masterpiece, but it did not quite turn out to be that way. This is why Amazon announced that the second season will also be the last season. For those of us who enjoyed watching Hand of God, this is very sad information. We will take comfort in knowing that we can follow some of the Hand of God celebrities on Snapchat.